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Tea is a drink, originated from Shennong. Lu Yu's book of tea said: the upper born rotten stone, the middle born oak soil, the lower born loess. And Kokang belongs to the northern Myanmar plateau in the golden triangle, most of which are soil formed by rock weathering. In addition, Kokang has high altitude, good air, subtropical plateau monsoon climate, abundant rainfall in rainy season and sufficient sunshine in dry season. It is suitable for the growth of high quality tea.

Kokang people are the descendants of Yan and Huang who were lost during Zhuge Liang's southern expedition in the Three Kingdoms period. They are well versed in tea ceremony. They began from hobbies, followed by inheritance, forced by livelihood, and then by traders. Therefore, their name has become the founder of Kokang tea. Nowadays, there are a lot of ancient tea trees in the bold mountains. The tea trees are very high. That is to say, these ancient tea trees support generations of bold people.

The fate of Kokang people is really bad. Because most of them are heroes, and they are brave by nature. In addition, influenced by some historical and political factors, they dare to fight for hegemony. Disasters happen from time to time, and they are inevitably suffering from the disaster of war for a long time. So later, there are not many people who know Kokang tea. But what can't be changed is that Kokang tea still survives decisively. In 2003, opium poppy cultivation was banned in Kokang. The tobacco farmers in Kokang area are faced with the situation of drug control and replanting. Kokang tea once again made a strong debut, providing a living guarantee for the hundreds of thousands of tobacco farmers after drug control and replanting.

Huxiang tea lovers, as the first to bathe in Shennong tea culture, have traveled all over Shenzhou and read all the beauties. Finally, they found a long lost legend on the ancient tea horse road. But the original war and opium sealed Huangqiao for 200 years, is determined to smoke away, Huangqiao mountain old tree tea finally came out of the mountain, meandering to interpret the world's pure natural real taste.

Where does Huangqiao mountain tea come from?

Huangqiao mountain old tree tea and Yunnan Pu'er tea are a series of big leaf tea. Huangqiao mountain old tree tea is produced in Gongzhang mountain area of the northern highland of Myanmar. The altitude is between 1300-1800 meters. It is surrounded by clouds all the year round and has abundant rainfall. It is very conducive to the nutrient absorption and growth of tea trees. In addition, it is far away from the noisy world. It is natural, pollution-free and free from any chemical fertilizer and pesticide. It's made of high-quality old trees and fresh leaves. Longdesheng is refined by traditional ancient methods.

What kind of tea is Huangqiao mountain ancient tree tea?

Altitude is the key factor of tea aroma formation. Especially in the Kokang area of northern Myanmar, it is not a kind of high mountain tea that can be compared with some kind of tea. The new shoots of Gaoshan tea in Kokang area of northern Myanmar are plump, green in color, hairy, long in internode and good in freshness and tenderness. The processed tea often has a special fragrance, high aroma, strong taste, and is resistant to brewing, and the rope is fat and tight, showing pekoe. It is the essence of heaven and earth, attracting the essence of the sun and moon.

What's the taste of Huangqiao mountain ancient tree tea?

Huangqiao mountain old tree tea is clear, mellow, dense and pleasant. After drinking it, it will leave fragrance on the teeth and cheeks, sweet and long. For many people who like to drink Pu'er tea, it's a living habit to make a pot every day, especially the ancient tree Pu'er tea which has been widely publicized recently, which makes people feel moved once they taste it and never forget it. This is due to the fact that tea is collected from ancient trees over a hundred years old. In the Kokang area of northern Myanmar, it grows on the tea mountain at a higher altitude. It is extremely primitive and natural, and it has been eliminated by ecology. Only the most healthy tea tree can survive up to now. Therefore, Kokang ancient tree tea has a full and comfortable taste and full of vitality. Ancient tree tea has a long lasting charm, fresh fragrance and sweet after a little bitter. Ancient tree tea can gather fragrance by making it in a porcelain pot. The water temperature for brewing is about 90 degrees. After brewing, the tea soup should not be soaked for a long time. Brew a perfect pot of tea, not only taste is a kind of enjoyment, drink down the body will feel very comfortable, taste slightly different. The older the ancient tree tea, the more fragrant it is, and the throat is moist and dry. You should taste it carefully rather than drink it from cattle. Tea can be drunk for a long time, but not more. Just because we should drink tea in an appropriate amount, we should choose tea to drink when economic conditions permit.

As the tea man's book said: water, to solve the needs of the body, tea, cure the thirst of the mind.



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